Admin Features

Log In Page

Log in to obtain a token. This is required for all other administrator operations.

Log in page

Browse Tags, Captures and Webhooks

A paginated list of tags read from the List Tags endpoint.
A paginated list of capture from the List Captures endpoint.

Add a Tag

This is a user interface for the add a tag feature in cuplbackend.

Add a new tag. All fields are optional.

Write Configuration to a Tag

Configuration strings include the tag serial string and secret key. The encoder running on cuplTag uses these to construct its URL.

Two methods exist for writing configuration:

  1. Put the cuplTag in programming mode and write data into its serial port. To eliminate errors associated with copy-and-paste, data are written directly from the cuplfrontend web application. The ‘Write to Serial’ button invokes the WebSerial API (experimental and only on Chrome for now).
  2. Configuration can be encapsulated in an NDEF text record and sent over NFC. On cuplTag, the microcontroller is connected to an NFC EEPROM. This is read every minute. If a text record is found, it is assumed to contain configuration data. A software reset occurs and the record is parsed.

Edit an Existing Tag

The firmware version, hardware version and description of a tag can be viewed and modified.

Simulate a Tag

This provides a user interface to the simulate feature in cuplbackend. A virtual tag can be manipulated. Its URL is updated in real time. This is rendered as text and in a QR code.

Add or Delete a Webhook

This provides a user interface to the webhook endpoints in the AdminAPI of cuplbackend.