Low Cost

The schematic comfortably fits onto one side of A4 and features a handful of low cost but high-quality components.

Ultra Low Power

The cuplTag has a tiny average power consumption of ~500 nA @ 3V (21°C)

A CR1220 has a typical charge capacity of 35 mAh (discharging from 3V to 2V). This means the battery life is 35 mAh / 500 nA = 7 years.

Zero Configuration

Your cuplTag will be pre-configured in the factory. Just connect a battery between the +3V3 and GND pins, then scan it with an NFC phone.

Reprogram. Reconfigure. Reuse.

When buying official cupl products, you can be assured that code, design files and documentation will be available. Consumers are becoming less tolerant of single-use black boxes.

Openness is strength. Our designs will benefit from community engagement and peer-review.

Code can be updated over UART, using the MSP430 BSL. This is invoked by sending the <b> command.

Spy-Bi-Wire (JTAG) is an alternative, if a programmer is available.

Reprogramming is not always feasible. The tag may be conformally coated to protect it from moisture ingress. cuplTag supports reconfiguration over NFC – another path to re-usability.