Make Coronavirus Less Stable

Evidence suggests that increasing the humidity of an indoor space and slightly raising the temperature can have a dramatic effect on the time taken for SARS-CoV-2 and other enveloped viruses to break down.

Virus decay vs. temperature and R.H.
Top-left is a long decay, the worst case, at low temperatures and 40% humidity.
Middle-right is a short decay, the best case, at high temperatures and 65% humidity.

“So in dry air, host resistance to viruses is weaker, but the stability of the virus is also increased when relative humidity is below 40 per cent, and third the particles that carry the virus also remain in the air for longer.” – Akiko Iwasaki, Professor of Immunobiology at Yale University

WHO urged to set global guidelines on indoor humidity to curb Covid (Telegraph Nov. 2020)